Maggie Rulli

Maggie Rulli

Maggie Rulli is an ABC News correspondent based in the London bureau where she covers stories all over the world.

Maggie was on the fire line in Australia during the heat of some of the worst wildfires in the country’s history, and also on the ground during France’s historic country wide strikes and riots. In the Galapagos she reported on tourism’s environmental impact and in Chile’s Atacama Desert she showed us the world’s largest array of telescopes.

While closely covering the royals, Maggie has been front and center on multiple royal tours. She visited South Africa and Angola with Prince Harry and Megan, as well as traveled with Prince William and Kate to Pakistan. She was even there the day Harry and Megan said “I Do.”

Prior to joining the London bureau, Maggie was based in New York, where she covered the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, the Parkland shooting and the California wildfires.

Before that in the Washington bureau, Maggie covered the 2016 presidential debates and President Trump’s inauguration while also reporting from the Supreme Court, Congress and the White House.

Prior to ABC News, Maggie was a Channel One News reporter and covered the dramatic aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks, the Iran nuclear deal negotiations and Cuba’s renewed diplomatic relations with the United States. Closer to home she has interviewed First Lady Michelle Obama, taken an in-depth look at youth homelessness in America, and reported on the state of nuclear weapons in the U.S.

Maggie graduated summa cum laude from Boston College. Wherever she’s living, she promises to always forever remain faithful to her hometown sports teams, the Boston College Eagles and the Red Sox.