Devin Dwyer

Devin Dwyer

Devin Dwyer is ABC News’ senior Washington reporter and leads network coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court. He has broad experience covering politics, policy and legal affairs in the nation’s capital for more than a dozen years.

Dwyer’s award-winning reporting, which appears on all ABC News platforms and programs, aims to empower audiences with a better understanding of complex issues that affect their daily lives. His work seeks out and elevates a diverse mix of voices from across the ideological spectrum.

Since joining ABC in 2009, Dwyer has reported from 40 states and 18 countries, spanning three presidential campaigns and administrations.

He has been on the front lines of the nation’s debates over health care, immigration and gun safety; examined the human costs of climate change; sought justice for homeless veterans and victims of discrimination; and, spotlighted stories of resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dwyer created the Washington Bureau’s Pennsylvania Avenue unit in 2014, leading the team of ABC News correspondents and producers covering the historic final years of the Obama presidency into the first term of President Donald Trump.

At the high court, Dwyer has reported on landmark decisions on free speech, religious liberty, LGBTQ discrimination, presidential power, gun rights and abortion. He has covered the dramatic deaths and retirements of sitting justices and the last six Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominees.

Dwyer is a Minnesota native and graduate of Dartmouth College and Columbia University School of Journalism.